He is known as the Beast of the End and is the current Great Spirit of Fire. [1] During the first test of the sanctuary, participants must face and overcome their past. Emilia struggled in the trial because she was unable to recognize the past she had been shown. Since she had no idea of her past, she could not accept any traumatic events that had been shown to her during the process. It was as if she saw a completely different life, but somehow she felt a connection to it. As a result, Emilia has suffered a lot and in one of the loops she completely collapses. In studies, Emilia`s trampled memory can be completely restored, as the echidna can access it. Nothing prevents a third party from accessing Emilia`s memories and playing them on her, which is exactly what happens in the first process of the sanctuary. Seeing that she no longer had to suffer and be confused because of the broken memories, Puck agreed to break his contract with Emilia. I think a lot of things are wrong with him. How did he know when Emelia would thaw? Why was he only looking for her at that time? If it is important to him, why is he so negligent when she is in constant danger of death. Did it start small or in real shape? We know less about him than we do about Garf.

I can`t say if he`s wise or foolish. I really don`t care about him. Taking things halfway, and then when she dies, assumes murderous madness, as if he hadn`t seen her. Almost sure Dona only did it to keep Emelia alive and manipulate her. Feelings, etc. seem to be invented. I bet he`s the one stopping Emelia from thawing the forest. Probably something lame like the memories of Emelias Papa implanted in the body of the puck. No one knows. {Subaru: The contract between you and Emilia.. Is a contract between a Spirit and his entrepreneur, isn`t it? Breaking it would come with its corresponding punishment, wouldn`t it?} I think Subaru could try to use Puck to eat all the magic snow with his real shape so that the big rabbit is not attracted to all the excess mana and does not come to kill everyone Puck broke his contract with Emilia so that she can unlock her memories of the past. Her contract with Emilia prevented her from recovering her true memories, which prevented her from facing her past and clarifying the first trial.

By breaking his contract, Puck hoped that Emilia would regain her memories and free the sanctuary by erasing the ordeals. Puck breaking the contract really looks like a big turning point, he had no doubt that Emilia would vote for him again. Once her contract with Puck is broken, Emilia will be forced to face her past. And he couldn`t imagine for a second that Emilia wouldn`t fully accept this past. Only after Emilia has overcome her past and needs another contract will she surely choose it again. After the ice melted, she hit Puck. Puck had been looking for Emilia for years. The fight with Melakuera damaged his Od; To save his life, Emilia signed a contract with Puck.

Or maybe on Beatrice, or maybe on signing a fixed-term contract with Subaru, or maybe on Garfiel, or maybe. He just wants to ask if Emilia shaves her armpit hair regularly. The crystal does not have enough mana to restore its contract; Emilia is therefore looking for a larger crystal. In fact, the contract between Emilia and Puck states that Puck can decide what Emilia will wear and how she will style her hair that day. However, it is Puck`s hidden intention to prevent Emilia from facing her past. And then there was also something Subaru was thinking about when he heard that terminating Puck`s contract with Emilia would mean taking him away from that place. .