Company An agreement between two companies to become closely associated or become a business partner, one of two or more people who own a business and share its profits and losses. A company owned in this way is called a partnership and is usually a company that provides professional services, such as.B. providing legal and financial advice such as a friendly takeover in which a company has agreed that another company should buy it, the position of being one of two or more people, who owns a corporation as a partner in a group representing businesses, employees or the crown under a social partnership model After being called to the bar, Mr. Chipman accepted him into a partnership. Even Toby used his claim to a partnership to bring about his downfall. a company, organization or country that has an agreement or employment relationship with another company, etc. She had brought Anna into the company, but the burden of partnership was still on Harriet. a country or company with which another country or company does business, regularly English version of the business partner thesaurus and partnership a situation in which a single company has several companies that together control all stages of the manufacture and sale of a product. For example, a company that owns a book publisher, a film producer and a television company may use the same commodity in all of these companies. to join two or more organizations, companies, etc.

and form a single major partner has the right to claim some or all of the partnership funds. American a partner in a company that has no control over how the company is run This partnership was quickly formed by the death of the former member. a situation in which two companies, individuals or groups control something like a business activity or industry, a partner in a company that is not involved in the management of the company and has limited liability This company existed until the end of Mr. Hilliard`s life. Business to pay money to your business partner so you can control all the businesses you previously owned together His brother was a vaudeville manager in partnership with Raymond Deslandes. a group of companies or organizations that work together, especially in business, we have entered into a partnership with a capital of sixty thousand dollars. team up with someone else to do something, like start a business, a system of agreements and cooperation between companies, employees and a government to give work to another company using a written legal agreement, rather than using your own business to do the thirty thousand dollars, what did you get for this partnership scam? To start a close business relationship with someone Soon after, he entered into a partnership with his teacher. The process of combining two companies or organizations to form a larger one. An agreement between two companies to work together on a specific task, usually to share a risk, involved a process in which two organizations team up and make a big one. When two or more organizations or groups join forces, or when someone combines them, they join forces….